Cotton & Pine is a design studio and custom print shop.

It may seem like an odd match, but we think it couldn’t be a more perfect pairing. We offer the full creative services of a design firm, including branding, design, video, and web, as well as full-service custom printing. But these services aren’t what we consider our true mission or our greatest strength.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell.

And we are in the business of telling those stories. Our mission is to craft visually-engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring stories that connect with an audience. What we pride ourselves on most is when we are able to collaborate, bring together our various talents and resources, and effectively and creatively tell a story—whether it be of a person, a brand, an idea.

Good storytelling stands the test of time.

We are so passionate about telling stories because it stays, with you—it lasts, it can stand the test of time. Unlike most communication in print and online today, strong storytelling grabs your attention, communicates clearly, and then stays with you, leaving a lasting impression. A good story never really ends, as long as it continues to inspire and motivate. And that’s the kind of storytelling that gets us excited to come to work each day.

Creative Services

Branding | Identity
Design | Print | Motion | Web
Photography | Copy

Printing Services

Personal | Business | Advertising | Events | Weddings

Printing Techniques

Digital | Offset
Letterpress | Foil Stamping | Die Cutting
Embossing & Debossing