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About Letterpress

The difference of letterpress can instantly be seen and felt. A letterpressed piece—whether a formal invitation, a business card, or simply a coaster—is immediately recognizable. The soft, pillowy cotton paper, the vibrant inks, and the distinctive impression left in the paper all make letterpress something truly memorable.

Letterpress is a technique as old as printing itself, dating all the way back to the fifteenth century—when Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable type press and forever transformed the way people shared and distributed information.

Over the years, easier and faster printing methods have been developed, but Gutenberg’s original technique has been preserved throughout the centuries for its striking appearance and enduring charm.

Working with Letterpress

Letterpress is an older, less automated printing technique, where each piece of paper must be hand-fed into the press machine. As a result, irregularities can occur from one piece to another, such as slight variations in registration and ink coverage.

Letterpress is unlike any modern printing technique, with unique qualities that you just can’t find anywhere else. We look forward to working with you to create a customized piece that will translate beautifully when letterpressed. If you have artwork or an idea and are not sure if it is right for letterpress, please contact us to talk about your project.



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