Capturing Authentic Stories

Over the past twelve months our resident Motion Designer, Chase Kennedy, has taken on some pretty exciting projects. He’s spent much of that time either behind a camera or in front of a computer screen, bringing brands and people to life through moving stories. He’s compiled some clips from the many different projects that he’s worked on over the past year into a video reel to share with you!

Throughout all of these projects Chase has tried to stay true to one goal: to capture and document authentic moments. In a world where video is more often than not scripted and artificial, Chase is committed to preserving authenticity.

Whether that means creating a clean, commercial scene or capturing the feel of a natural setting, Chase ultimately aims to craft something that engages and connects with the viewer and communicates a compelling story.

At Cotton & Pine we would love to help tell your story—for more information contact us here or call us at 334-271-6879.

Written by C&P

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