Everyone has a story to tell—here's ours.


Cotton & Pine is a new concept—but we like to think that we’re only picking up where others have left off.

None of us would be where we are today if it weren’t for what and who came before us. That’s why we are committing to learning from the craftsmen and creative minds who came before us and building on what they’ve achieved.

The idea that eventually became Cotton & Pine Creative came to Daniel Mims and Steven Lambert of Mims Management Group after years of searching out and collaborating with talented and dedicated craftsmen and creative minds from across the Southeast.

The outstanding Southern creativity and craftsmanship they discovered inspired Daniel and Steven to create a place where design and print could coexist and thrive.

Collaboration was at the heart of the Cotton & Pine vision, so the first step in making it a reality was to recruit some of the printing talent that we had worked with over the years, beginning with The Long Run Press. In 2013 MMG bought The Long Run Press, a Wetumpka-based print shop, and recruited Johnny Oates, president of The Long Run, and his team to head up the printing side of the business.

Another important addition to the Cotton & Pine team came with the purchase of turn-of-the-century letterpress printing equipment from A.H. Cather Publishing Company in Birmingham, AL.

Founded in 1913, Cather was a third generation family-owned printing operation that preserved the old-fashioned art of letterpress printing even while newer techniques came and went. Now that Cather has closed its doors after over 100 years in business, Cotton & Pine is very proud to carry on the tradition of fine craftsmanship and keep alive the art of letterpress.

Finally, we assembled a team of creative professionals—designers, photographers, and writers—from all across the South.

We brought in some familiar faces we’ve collaborated with in the past, along with some new blood. We gathered a group of diverse individuals with a variety of unique talents, skills, experiences, and perspectives to bring to the table. We’ve created an environment where we can all learn from one another and gain from each other’s strengths and where collaboration is an integral part of every day and every project we produce benefits from what we all have to offer.