Long Live Southern Creativity & Craftsmanship

It’s no secret that creativity and craftsmanship are important to us at Cotton & Pine. They are what Cotton & Pine was founded upon and what drives our entire operation.

And we believe that creativity and craftsmanship should be cultivated, celebrated, and above all, shared.

So we created our in-house retail space, C&P Mercantile, to do just that. We wanted a space where we could easily share our work, in a convenient ready-made format—but also where we could share with our customers and clients some artisan goods that we love, made by excellent Southern craftsmen.

And because we are so passionate about this, we’ve made it even easier to shop C&P Mercantile, with our online store—!

We think that old-fashioned quality craftsmanship is far too scarce these days, so we want to celebrate artisans who love what they do, take pride in what they make, and believe that creating the highest quality products from the best materials available is well worth the extra effort, time, and care.

C&P Mercantile is our way of celebrating fine craftsmanship and good old Southern creativity—and of sharing it with you.

So please stop by the shop or visit C&P Mercantile online at, to discover some handmade 100% Southern treasures.

Letterpressed Cards by Cotton & Pine

Hand-Poured Candle by Great Bear Wax Co.

Leather Key Clips by Loyal Stricklin

Letterpressed Card by Cotton & Pine

Southerners T-Shirt by Cotton & Pine

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